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A while back, I suffered from itchy and dry skin known as urticaria. It came up all of a sudden and this left me feeling worried, anxious and lethargic. I sought medical advice from several dermatologists and it was frustrating to learn that there was no medical cause to my hives. At times I felt as if I was losing my mind as the itchiness kept me awake at night and impacted my mood greatly.

It was only after having CBT therapy that I managed to develop coping mechanisms to deal with the discomfort of my itchy skin. This involved distracting myself by going for walks, phoning a friend and doing Yoga. Eventually, my hives subsided and I learned a valuable lesson. Stress and Anxiety can have a negative impact on our bodies and physical wellbeing. I have a specialist interest in supporting clients experiencing unexplained health-related illnesses. I can help clients by developing personalised CBT goals and techniques to manage negative feelings around their health and to achieve a balanced mindset.